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SEO Dive Deep Software measure over 520 ranking factors
This AWESOME SEO Software has been 17 years in the making. The Software developer has broken the Google code (they said no one would ever do it) and discovered "what the magic SEO ranking factors are ...and what aren't"

Through years of research he has now developed this Ultimate SEO software that can Deep Dive into the Top 100 search results for any keywords. It compares all the 'over 520 ranking factors' of all the Top 100 sites and calculates what's important and what's not! It then spits out an extensive excel spreadsheet of the over 520 Factors, that affect, how Google ranks YOUR Business Website.

There are more measurements, recommendations and charts than you can imagine with over 520 SEO ranking factors to take into consideration.

This is like the perfect SEO ROADMAP! The software then itemizes the exact formula, (the SEO Tuning Roadmap), you need to follow to compete with and beat your competitors on Google Page 1. 

Maybe your website only needs to tweak a few items and then it will skyrocket to page 1? 

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What does the SEO software do?
There are more measurements, recommendations, and charts than you can imagine with over 520 factors to take into consideration.
This is like the perfect SEO ROADMAP! The software then itemizes the exact formula, (the SEO Tuning Roadmap), you need to follow to compete with and beat your competitors on Google Page 1. 
Your Customized Business SEO Roadmap  
The Yellow highlighted points are the most important SEO factors that need to be addressed as soon as possible if you hope to rank with your competitors on page 1.
DATA Overload! The factors in Orange are the most important and make up the 
SEO Roadmap. 
The Yellow column is the Business URL with the 3 columns in between 
being the Top 3 search results.
Correlation Charts showing importance of the SEO factor and where/what amount the tracked URL is lacking.
Compare Locations to see differences in ranking factors in each area.
This is so you can see why some pages/locations rank easier than others.
Top 100 Search Results Tab
Top 100 Search Results Tab showing ALL 100 business URLs, Link Text, Meta Descriptions and much more...
Title Tag Tuning
Title Tag Tuning!
See what Google says are the most important results (Yellow highlighted) for your keywords and use these in your title tags.
More Data than you can ever magine
You Want Data? There's More Data Than You Can Ever Imagine!
Over 520 SEO ranking factors 'full results page' zoomed out.


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520 Point - SEO Audits
Usually sell for $3000 at the Developer's Website
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520 Point - SEO Audits
Usually, sell for $3000
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