Google Maps! 5 Reasons Why Businesses Need Google Snack Pack Placement


Importance of Google Snack Pack Placement 

Google Snack Pack Maps Service

Local businesses need to have a Local SEO strategy that creates visibility, enhances brand awareness, and boosts marketing efforts in their target regions. The SEO landscape is changing rapidly, and one of the key changes noticed in the last few years is the emphasis Google has placed on the local SEO. People can now see search results based on their locations, which is beneficial for users and local businesses.

It gives the business owners an incentive to pivot their efforts towards optimizing their websites to rank well for geo-focused keywords. It is where the importance of Google Maps Marketing comes into the picture. The discussion about Google Maps Marketing isn’t complete without talking about Google Snack Pack.

What is Google Snack Pack?

Google launched its Pigeon update in July 2014, which aimed at optimizing the local search results. The update primarily meant that the users’ search query would yield a list of 7 local businesses. It made the local SEO experts happy as even though getting on the listing was competitive, it was pretty straightforward, and there were enough positions SEOs could play with. In August 2015, Google surprisingly switched from Local 7 to what we now refer to as ‘Snack Pack,’ which showcased only the top 3 listings of local businesses that are most relevant to the search query.

As per a survey, over 80 percent of the 40,000 searches on Google per second are for local businesses and services. The switch to Snack Pack from Local 7 was upsetting for the businesses. It was primarily done to optimize the search results for mobile interface and narrow the difference between mobile and desktop search experience.

The box that appears right on top of the search results or right below the sponsored ads with the top three local businesses’ name is called Google 3-pack or Snack Pack. Along with the name of the business, the location of the business is pointed on the map. On clicking the business listing, important information can be fetched depending on what the business owner has provided. When the business owner fills the listing profile entirely, the users can get comprehensive information containing –

  • Business Name
  • Business Address
  • Website
  • Operating Hours
  • Number of Reviews
  • Business Phone Number(s)
  • Google Maps Direction
  • Google Review Star Rating
  • Images Provided by the Business

The users can even read the business’s customers’ reviews by clicking on a particular listing. Now that we know what Google Snack Pack is let’s dive into its importance.

Importance of Google Snack Pack

For businesses primarily targeting local customers, ranking on Snack Pack can be a gamechanger. Irrespective of the business or sector you are in, rest assured being listed on the Snack Pack can exponentially grow your business and reward your marketing efforts.

Google Maps Business Listings Results
Lead Generation

When searching for terms like “near me,” “Best Xyz in ABC,” and so on, the search results would ideally include the Snack Pack on top, showcasing three businesses that Google thinks is relevant to your search query. Typically, such queries are highly-targeted as the user is looking to buy or use services immediately or in the near future. According to Google, 76 percent of the people conducting a local search would call one of the businesses in the 3-pack within 24 hours. Generating targeted leads is one of the primary goals of a business. More leads help with a higher conversion that translates into growth and higher revenue.

Higher Sales

As mentioned above, being listed on the Snack Pack would mean getting more calls, bookings, and sales. Everything is shifting online in today’s world, and getting more exposure on Google for top keywords in your niche would mean more calls, footfall, business inquiries, and, eventually, sales. Google found that 28 percent of the users conducting a local search would end up buying from the businesses listed in the Snack Pack. Not being listed on the 3-pack means that you’re losing out to your competitors, and the gap between your immediate competitors and you would only continue to widen with time.


The listings on Snack Pack come with a Click-to-Call button that helps the users call the businesses directly from the search results (mobile interface). Google found, more than 70 percent of the mobile searchers use the click-to-call function to contact businesses straight away and on average, 40 million calls are driven by Google Ads each month. With the increasing dominancy of mobile searches, it only makes sense to rank on Snack Pack to allow potential customers to connect with you instantly.

At Rank First Media, our Google Map Specialists can help your business get ranked on Google Maps guaranteed within 90 days, or you’re eligible for a full refund. It is a no-brainer really because the transition that the SEO landscape has seen in the last couple of years has put GMB and Google Maps Ranking on a higher priority in terms of ROI than other SEO strategies that used to work earlier.

Google Maps Search Results

Visibility & Brand Awareness

Whether people are looking for information, buy a product, or avail a service, getting listed in the Snack Pack for relevant geo-focused keywords can drastically impact your reputation in your target market, and positively so. It would help your business get noticed and create a brand awareness that is the need-of-the-hour in today’s competitive market.

With that said, the businesses need to strive to get maximum positive reviews from their customers/clients to sustain the rankings and continue to reap the benefits Snack Pack offers. 84 percent of the searchers trust online reviews and base their purchasing decisions on the same, according to Bright Local.

Snack Pack is Trusted More Than Paid Ads and Organic Rankings Put Together

If you are still not convinced about how important being listed on the Snack Pack is, the results of a study conducted by Search Engine Watch found that 68 percent of the searchers trusted Snack Pack results more than the organic results and the paid search results. Only 27 percent of users trusted organic results found below the Snack Pack, and 10 percent went with the paid search results. Moreover, 44 percent of the clicks on the search results page are on local 3-pack compared to the 2 percent click-through rate and around 2-4 percent conversion rate offered by Google Adwords.

Marketing is crucial for business success, and it must adapt to the latest market trends. It requires modifying the marketing strategies from time to time to keep up with the changing market and consumer behavior. As online marketing continues to be the leading sales generator for most businesses worldwide, it only seems natural to direct your efforts to ranking on search engine pages and Google Maps, especially the Snack Pack.

If you’re confused about getting started with getting listed on Google Snack Pack or want a concrete Google Map Ranking strategy that not only lists you there but helps you sustain your rankings, contact Rank First Media for a free consultation and quote today.