The Local advertising Stimulus Package

Your Local Business is Approved for One Month of Marketing worth $2000

Is your Local Business website performing better than your competitors?

Kotton Grammer, the founder of Kotton Grammer Media quotes that “Small businesses are the backbone of our economy employing local people in communities across America”. He is saddened by the fact that these business owners have suffered greatly as a result of the pandemic, and he wants to have their backs with this initiative by donating $2000 of advertising to their local business website with no strings attached.

Kotton Grammer Media is a Miami-based digital marketing firm that has served thousands of clients all over the world since its inception in 2013. And now with their stimulus package, they are becoming the pillars that support small and emerging businesses.

One of the biggest secrets to more traffic and more customers is unlocking the power of your Google My Business Account.

We’ve worked with over 5000 local businesses over the last decade, and we have proven solutions that other digital marketing agencies don’t have. We know better than anybody that you’re an expert at your own business & you’re not meant to be an expert at digital marketing. Your Google my business account is one of the most powerful tools that a local business can use to drive traffic and customers into your business. When Google Maps users are thinking about a destination, lots of them want a glimpse of what to expect when they arrive. That sneak peek can spark excitement in potential customers, and that enthusiasm is reflected in their search behavior. The problem is it can also be one of the most complicated tools to understand. Google has a specific formula that they don’t reveal that you must follow for them to promote your business to your local community above and ahead of your competitors organically. Now that you are a part of the local advertising stimulus package you can relax and sit back over the next 30 days and let us unlock the power of your account and optimize it so Google will love your business and want to promote it. In many instances, your Google my business account can be responsible for up to 65% of the local traffic coming into your business website. Many businesses are also not even utilizing all the categories within their account that Google can promote them with. We optimize and power up everything for you.

Your Google my business is responsible for all Near Me searches for your local business

Without having your Google My Business optimized you could be losing all of your Near Me searches to your competitors.

Businesses that do not have their Google My Business optimized can lose up to 38% of potential income each and every day.

  • “Where to buy” + “near me” mobile queries have grown by over 150% in the past two years.
  • Over 84% of searches are classified as “discover” searches, meaning they are looking for a new spot or are searching for a new service that they recently had no idea about through Google My Business.
  • It allows your business to appear in maps and the local pack
  • It is the most underutilized and powerful tool that a local business can use. 90% of business owners are not using the Google my business account correctly.
  • Allows your customers to leave reviews and you to respond to them.
  • Provides powerful business insights statistics to help your business grow.
  • Start conversations with potential customers with Chat
  • It’s FREE

Statistics about your
Google My Business account.



Your Google my business account determines how far your “near me” searches reach in your area.


Your Google my business account determines how far your “near me” searches reach in your area.


There was a 61% increase in calls from Google My Business from January 2020 to January 2021


There was a 61% increase in calls from Google My Business from January 2020 to January 2021

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Here are detailed video instructions on how to add us to your Google my business account so we can get started.